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Erik ShirokoffErik Shirokoff
2011 Postdoctoral Fellow

Where are they HEADED?
In June 2014, Dr. Shirokoff will take on an assistant professorship at the University of Chicago.

Development of ultra-sensitive photon detectors for sub-mm wavelength astronomy.

Final Report (1.31 MB pdf)

"As a Keck Institute Fellow, I will pursue a research program which focuses on the development and characterization of Modified Kinetic Inductance Devices and related technologies which make use of superconducting nitride thin films. These detectors will enable massively multiplexed detector arrays for mm and sub-mm astronomy, including a proposed wide-band, multi-object spectrometer designed for the CCAT telescope." (April 2011)



"Most research intuitions talk about multidisciplinary interaction in their mission statements. The Keck Institute for Space Studies actually achieves it. KISS funding has made possible a remarkably successful research program and a rewarding postdoctoral experience, both through the fellowship program and several related workshops and technical development programs. But, the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of scholars working in distinct but intersecting disciplines has been equally valuable. I expect to spend years following up on some of the fresh ideas and new questions that were asked at KISS sponsored events."
(May 2014)