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marin kobilarovMarin Kobilarov
2009 Postdoctoral Fellow

Where are they now?
Dr. Kobilarov is an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics.

Discrete Geometric Motion Control of Autonomous Vehicles

Final Report

"My work has focused on developing computational theory for the dynamics and control of nonlinear mechanical systems. Computation relies on transforming continuous behavior into a finite discrete numerical form and the tools I develop accomplish such a transformation by preserving the structure and motion invariants of the original system. This has lead to novel robust integration schemes and insights into the numerical structure of optimal control. I am employing the computational framework as a basis for developing globally optimal control methods that overcome standard limitations of classical optimal control. The theory is applicable to a variety of systems—from ground robots to formation-flying satellites. A critical issue currently being considered is the proper treatment of sensor noise and dynamics uncertainty—a requirement for making these algorithms successful in practice. Two potential applications of the developed methods, in collaboration with external entities, are motion control of groups of unmanned aerial vehicles and a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite reconfiguration demonstration (as part of the Large Space Structures study)." (April 2010)

Kobilarov was a finalist for the best paper award in the 2011 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference for his paper entitled "Cross-Entropy Randomized Motion Planning." Read more... (July 2011)