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Climate Feedbacks and Future Remote Sensing Observation

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August 31-September 10, 2009
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125


Ben Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Lab The MSU Debate, Climate Auditing, and the Freedom of Information Act (video) (more information)


Andrew Gettelman, National Center for Atmospheric Research Simulating H2O and its Feedbacks ("Water water everywhere") (pdf) (video)
Tapio Schneider, Caltech Water Vapor and the Dynamics of Climate Changes (pdf) (video)
Joao Teixeira, JPL Cloud Feedbacks and Climate Models (pdf) (video)
Yuk Yung, Caltech Climate and Radiation (pdf) (video)


Joao Teixeira, JPL and Yuk Yung, Caltech Study Overview
Week 1 (pdf)
Week 2 (pdf)
Tom Ackerman, University of Washington Classification as a Tool for Understanding Cloud Feedback? (pdf)
Chris Bretherton, University of Washington Cloud Feedback (pdf)
Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M University Verifying the water vapor feedback using ENSO (pdf)
Eric J. Fetzer, JPL What is the A-Train Telling Us about Atmospheric Water Vapor (and other feedbacks)? (pdf)
Andrew Gettelman, National Center for Atmospheric Research Necessary but not sufficient conditions for constraining water vapor feedbacks (pdf)
Steve A. Klein, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Using Ground-Based Remote-Sensors to Study Boundary-Layer Vertical Velocity Statistics (pdf)
Brian E Mapes, University of Miami Free tropospheric moist processes and climate change feedbacks (pdf)
David Neelin, UCLA Water vapor and the transition to strong convection (pdf)
David Noone, University of Colorado Evaluating the rates of exchange in the tropospheric water budget (pdf)
Joel Norris, Scripps Institution of Oceanography The Role of Dynamics in Cloud Feedbacks (pdf)
Olivier Pauluis, New York University Isentropic analysis and atmospheric circulation (pdf)
Phil J. Rasch, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Uncertainties in Water vapor: Budgets in two versions of CAM (Track 1 and Track 5) (pdf)
William B. Rossow, City College of New York Cloud—Climate Feedback (pdf)
Ben Santer, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Observational constraints on the water vapor feedback: A search for the “Hall Effect” (pdf)
Tapio Schneider, Caltech The relative humidity of the subtropical free troposphere (pdf)
Pier Siebesma, Royal Netherlands Meterological Institute The difficult art of evaluation clouds and convection representation in GCM’s (pdf)
Graeme L. Stephens, Colorado State University Low Cloud Feedbacks (pdf)
Hui Su, JPL Examining Cloud Structure and Cloud Radiative Forcing in Large-Scale Regimes (pdf)
Joao Teixeira, JPL Cloud Boundary Layers: PDFS and Vertical Structures (pdf)
Darryn W. Waugh, Johns Hopkins University PDFS of Tropospheric Humidity: Measurements and Theory (pdf)
Rob Wood, University of Washington Cloud feedbacks in response to aerosol perturbations (pdf)
John R. Worden and Kevin Bowman, JPL Using Satellite Based Measurements of Water Vapor and its Isotopes to Quantify Water Cycle Sources and Processes (pdf)
Dong L Wu, JPL Observing Cloud Properties and Processes from the A-Train and Future Sensors (pdf)
Paquita Zuidema, RSMAS/University of Miami Connecting dynamics to boundary layer cloud properties (pdf)

For questions contact: Michele Judd

"Photo of Yuk Yung, Caltech"

Mini-Program Co-Lead Yuk Yung from Caltech.

Detail of the interannual variability for the Earth's UV albedo.

Detail of the interannual variability for the Earth's UV albedo derived from TOMS reflectivity.