Workshop Overview

Exoplanet Science Measurements from Solar System Probes

May 18-19, 2010
KITP, UCSB Campus, Santa Barbara

Purpose: This workshop explored the potential for making measurements relevant to exoplanets, using hardware on current and future missions within the Solar System.

Background: NASA's Exoplanet Analysis Group (ExoPAG) has established a Science Analysis Group (SAG) to study this topic. The present workshop will be the SAG's first action. The workshop is invitation-only. The output of this workshop will be presented at the ExoPAG's next meeting on 24-25 June 2010, in Pasadena.

Check out video, audio, and slides from the workshop on The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics' website.


For questions contact: Michele Judd


Workshop co-sponsor: The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

Gas-giant exoplanet

This artist's impression shows a gas-giant exoplanet transiting across the face of its star.

Image Credit: ESA/
C. Carreau