Lecture: PUFFER - NASA's Pop-Up Origami Rover

Meet PUFFER - NASA's pop-up origami rover. PUFFER was created to work in parallel with larger rovers (or deployed off landers) when the landscape becomes too dangerous. These mini rovers fold flat-down to about the size of a smartphone - so several can be packed on a rover. When deployed, they are ready to charge up steep slopes, drop into craters, or partially fold to crawl on their bellies into hard-to-reach places.

18 - 22

Workshop: Unlocking a New Era in Biodiversity Science - Linking Integrated Space Based and In-Situ Observations (Part II)

This workshop will address how the biodiversity and remote sensing communities can work together to implement a biodiversity monitoring system. Our goal is to define an overall architectural construct supporting this vision and its specific components.

24 - 29

2019 Caltech Space Challenge

The Caltech Space Challenge brings 32 talented and highly-motivated students to the Caltech campus to participate in a week-long space mission design competition. The Challenge is a unique opportunity for young and enthusiastic students to build technical and teamwork skills, interact with world-renowed experts in space exploration and connect to like-minded peers from all around the world.

20 - 24

Data-Driven Approaches to Searches for the Technosignatures of Advanced Civilizations

This workshop will explore the possible paths for a systematic exploration of observable parameter spaces derived from the modern sky surveys, using machine learning and other computational tools.