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Methane on Mars

This study will investigate whether life could originate in hydrocarbon fluids using Titan as an exemplar of a low temperature exoplanetary surface. It will also investigate other fluids such as liquid and supercritical CO2 suggested to be present on exoplanets.

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Optical Frequency Combs for Space Applications - Part II

This workshop will bring together a diverse group of technical experts in optical frequency comb technology, space application specialists, and potential customers in the areas of astronomy and astrophysics, navigation, laser interferometry, earth and planetary science, and instrumentation development.


Space Connection

The Space Connection - Navigating the Bridge between JPL and the Caltech Campus

The panelists briefly discussed their science, backgrounds, and how they made their connections across our community.

In addition to the panelists, there was a number of other JPL/Campus researchers who have successfully traversed this bridge and were available for networking during the reception.

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Light, Atomic Clocks, and Testing Einstein’s Assumptions

Light, Atomic Clocks, and Testing Einstein’s Assumptions

Even though this is the 55th year of the Laser, progress in its control and application in precision measurements is still accelerating. The Optical Frequency Comb technology exploded in 1999-2000 from the synthesis of advances in independent fields of Laser Stabilization, UltraFast Lasers, and NonLinear Optical Fibers, enabling a thousand-fold advance in optical frequency measurement. Several Optical Frequency Standards now have far better performance than the Cs clock that defines Time in the SI (Metric System) measurement system.

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Public Panel

Profits in the Final Frontier: Entrepreneurial Pursuits in Space 

The past few years we have seen the emergence of several space startups - private companies with the ability to make a profit while operating extraterrestrially. These companies can be divided into Earth-based companies developing products for space, space-based companies providing services back on earth, and companies that operate entirely off-world. All face challenges associated with operating in space, but each has unique difficulties when it comes to securing funding and developing a business plan.

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Fundamentals of Optical Frequency Comb Technology and Applications

Fundamentals of Optical Frequency Comb Technology and Applications

The advent of optical frequency combs (OFCs) has created remarkable new capabilities in metrology, frequency synthesis, spectroscopy and timekeeping. This short course describes the principles behind state-of-the-art frequency comb technology including the various methods of comb generation. A description of current applications of OFCs is presented followed by an overview of the challenges and considerations needed for engineering space-based OFCs.

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2016 Study Program Solicitation Released

Solicitation Release Date: 02 October 2015

Proposal Concepts Due (Required): 06 November 2015 (noon)

Proposals Due : 22 December 2015 (noon)

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